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More Possible Uses: Cut Cholesterol

CUT CHOLESTEROL: Studies have shown levan to effectively lower cholesterol (Yamamoto, Kang a, Kang b). Although most of this work has been done in rats, one recent presentation included data from a small group of women whose diet was supplemented with levan (Kang b). The levan diet was credited with controlling both cholesterol levels and weight.

There are many powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs available, but there are growing concerns about their use for extended periods of time. The FDA has recently rejected over-the-counter sales of a cholesterol-lowering statin. Safety was a major concern but the idea was proposed because only a small fraction of people with high cholesterol levels is on medication. The argument was if a suitable drug were available over-the-counter, far more people would be taking it. This would appear to be a possible niche for levan as a dietary supplement. Our levan does not have FDA approval so we are looking for a larger company interested in taking on the entire project.

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